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Why Digital Tonto?


I started this site while I was still living and working in Eastern Europe, where I spent 15 years. The experience often made me think about an story about The Lone Ranger and Tonto.

As the story goes, one day The Lone Ranger and Tonto found themselves surrounded by Indians.  So the Lone Ranger turns to his faithful companion and says, “Tonto, Tonto, we’re surrounded by Indians! What shall we do?”

To which Tonto replied, “What mean ‘WE,’ white man!”

In a very real sense, living and working in foreign cultures is a lot like that.  However much you immerse yourself in the culture, you’ll always be somewhat of an outsider and that really shaped my outlook.

To a large extent, that’s what I try to do here, always keep an outsider’s view.  It’s easy to get comfortable, stop challenging conventional wisdom and fall into lazy thinking.  We all do it to some extent, but it’s something I try to do my best to resist.

So this site is my way of trying to maintain that outsider’s view, discover new things and keep my thinking fresh.

Thanks for coming.  I hope you enjoy Digital Tonto!
– Greg