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About Greg Satell


Back in the ’90′s, post-Soviet Europe was being transformed from a forgotten place behind the Iron Curtain to one of the most dynamic, fast growing regions of the world.  They were high on enthusiasm and ability yet short of expertise and so were eager to bring the top talent in from the West to help them.

Unfortunately, none of those people were available, so I came instead.  I spent 15 years living and working in Eastern Europe, had more than my share of adventure and did just about everything in media and advertising you can think of.  I returned to the United States in 2011.

I’ve served in senior Strategy and Innovation roles at the Publicis Groupe, one of the world’s largest marketing services organizations and was previously Co-CEO of KP Media, where I ran brands such as Bigmir, Ukraine’s leading web site and Korrespondent, a news organization which played a pivotal role in the Orange Revolution as well as a variety of women’s and lifestyle brands.

I’m available for consulting and speaking engagements in the areas of digital innovation, innovation management, digital marketing and publishing, as well as offshore web and app development.

If you’d like to know more about me, please visit my LinkedIn profile or follow me on twitter: @DigitalTonto .